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QVARX acceuil

The QVARx team is proud to offer these products of professional design and quality. The products are designed and manufactured at our factory.

The following capacitor systems are offered:

  • Metal enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filters (<36 kV)
  • Self-ventilated systems (SMC™)
  • Systems with minimal maintenance (LMC™)
  • Medium voltage dry type systems (DMC™)
  • Open stack capacitor/harmonic filter banks (5 to 230 kV)
  • Medium and high voltage cable simulators
  • Medium and high voltage control and protection systems
  • Engineered systems for special applications

These other products are also available:

  • Dynamic VAR compensation systems
  • Active Harmonic Filters
  • Modular substations

The following types of enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filters are offered:

  • SMC Type (coming with standard metal enclosure)

(Fig. 1) 14 kV | 3-Step with tuning

  • LMC Type (low-maintenance, self-cooled metal enclosure)

(Fig. 2) 13.8 kV | Tuned at 3rd & 5th harmonic

The following features are standard for all capacitor systems:

  • CRS Welded steel cabinets ​​compliant with CSA, ANSI or IEC enclosure types
  • High-quality spray or powder coating
  • All film-type and fluid impregnated with internal or external fuses
  • Self-cooled and anti-condensation system sized to ambient conditions
  • Temperature alarm/trip signal
  • Interlocked doors
  • 3-Point door latch with Kirk interlock device (stainless steel external hardware)
  • Capacitor unbalance detection
  • Tin plated copper bus bars

The following options are available:

  • Arc-Resistant Enclosure, to IEEE or IEC
  • Switching contactor, SF6 or vacuum
  • Isolating disconnect switch with interlock and padlock provision;
  • Primary fuses, up to certain amp limits
  • Harmonic tuning reactors
  • Inrush limiting reactors
  • Harmonic damping resistors
  • Saturable magnetic discharge for rapid reclosing
  • Phase CT's and overload/overcurrent protection relay
  • Power factor, VAR, or voltage controller
  • Custom coating colors
  • Stainless steel enclosure

Quality control is applied in accordance with ISO9001 and the applicable standards:
Inspection and test points throughout the design and manufacturing process

  • Inspection and test points throughout the design and manufacturing process
  • FAT testing according to CSA, IEEE and IEC standards
  • Type tests including thermal, Hipot and Impulse are conducted in the QVARx test laboratory. Others are made at nationally certified high voltage test facilities
  • Control according to ISO 9001
  • Frequency sweep tests on harmonic filters and specialized systems